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What the fuck is you waiting for?/ Sushi raw/ Table Saw/

Called in only when to call off/ Hauled off/ Aw Naw/

Same feeling comes with a sawed off/ Closing what was an open spree/

Posing what’s supposed to be/ Hopefully no more hoping/

Scoping holding focus chosen hold this folding emotions frozen/

So sick of losing what’s so close to me/

Swollen midget manpart/ She calls him Kevin Hart/

Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright/ That’s world’s apart/

Cervix? or Surface Service/ No point in being nervous/

Just stay in your purpose/ No deserting or desert when it’s slowly working/

Check the market margin/ Yes the target barged in/

Just barged in like alarm ring/ Barging set of offspring/

How should I end it?/ Tear it off the hinges?/

Roll with the binges tho known for comin’ wit it/ then own the numbing

digits cuz no one knows who singed it/ What the fuck is defenseless?/

In order to make that leap/ you must be puttin’ in some groundwork/

Making sure the ground work/ Making every noun work/

Making every mound vert/ Clock in your faith/ & take that leap/

4x (What are you still doing here? Clock in your faith & take a leap!/)

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